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What a rare combination of skills and talents you find in John, along with a remarkable ability to connect with people, old and young alike, right where they are.

- Holly Hudak

John is beyond gifted as a teacher. Under his care the human voice becomes angelic. It’s really just hard work and the right training, but the results are magic.

- Abby Kogler

It was so refreshing to hear young singers singing great repertoire in such a healthy, musical way. There was no straining or shouting, just beautiful, often exquisite tone, consistently producing elegant lines.

- Nicolas Reveles

Stunning… Children respond to John with a focus, concentration, and attention to details that goes well beyond their age.

- Peter Mueller

John’s lesson plans appeal and inspire immediately. Students take off with them right away.

- Denise Ondishko

To be molded by someone with such craft, talent, and brilliance is unbelievably fortunate. He works with professionalism, but also with charisma and humor.

- Hamilton Sims

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