Hamilton Sims

To be molded by someone with such craft, talent, and brilliance is unbelievably fortunate. He works with professionalism, but also with charisma and humor.

Denise Ondishko

John’s lesson plans appeal and inspire immediately. Students take off with them right away.

Peter Mueller

Stunning… Children respond to John with a focus, concentration, and attention to details that goes well beyond their age.

Nicolas Reveles

It was so refreshing to hear young singers singing great repertoire in such a healthy, musical way. There was no straining or shouting, just beautiful, often exquisite tone, consistently producing elegant lines.

Abby Kogler

John is beyond gifted as a teacher. Under his care the human voice becomes angelic. It’s really just hard work and the right training, but the results are magic.

Holly Hudak

What a rare combination of skills and talents you find in John, along with a remarkable ability to connect with people, old and young alike, right where they are.

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